Knockout song lyrics by Bon Jovi

Knockout lyrics by Bon Jovi

'Knockout' song lyrics by Bon Jovi

Knockout is a continuation of one of Jon Bon Jovi's often used theme of boxing and being a fighter mixed with that last man standing kind of ethos he has.

Bon Jovi's last album featured 'The Fighter' and Have a Nice Day of course featured 'The Last Man Standing' - all songs with using boxing as a metaphor for surviving tough odds or punching your way out of the corner.

The song itself can be found on the 2016 album, This House is Not for Sale.

Knockout song lyrics

Bon Jovi's Knockout song lyrics

Everyday I wake up with my back against the wall
Anytime you get up someone wants to see you fall
If you're afraid to lose it all, you're never gonna win
I'll be giving you the finger
sticking out my chin
Boom, boom, boom
Here comes the boom, boom, boom


Here comes the knockout,
my time is right now
turning your lights out
I'm throwing down
Here comes the knockout
Until the last round
I'm throwing down.
Go start a fire, go start a fight
No regrets, this is your life
(Hey!) here comes the knockout
My time is right now
I'm throwing down

Are you living in a nightmare
or are you living in a dream?
Do you stand for something
Will you fall for anything
It's easier to count me out but you can count me in
Cause I’m giving you the finger
Sticking out my chin
Boom, boom, boom
Here comes the boom, boom, boom


Down, down, down
Down, down, down
Throwing down, down, down
Down, down, down
Did you really live your life
Or did it pass you by?
What's it take to tell yourself
You really were alive
Look me in the eye

Check out the lyrics to Scars on this Guitar from the same album. This song should not be confused with the Lil Wayne song of the same name!

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